Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies


Arka Dhyana

Arka Dhyana a very ‘subtle and effective method' where, using your own touch, breath and sound, you raise your 'spiritual consciousness' or the ‘whole life-force of self-awareness’ to become fully manifested in the physical body. As this happens, different energy centers in the body become active whirl pools of energy each with its own wisdom and connection with nature and the universe and, as this occurs, the perception of one's world changes. Slowly ones intuitive abilities also increase. Nobody tells one how to see the world or how not to see it, it occurs from the inside by itself. You are not reliant on any set text or ideas although the meaning of many texts sometimes of a religious or spiritual nature, suddenly become obvious.  It is a method using your own touch and a sound and it is open to everybody no matter what their religion, background or sex.

As we descend from the ‘rational mind’ to the ‘feeling heart’ we start to recover our capacity to feel and this helps us to comprehend and be present to ourselves and to others. In Arka Dhyana we start by touching the physical body and
repeating a vibratory sound, but slowly we go beyond, to connect with the “very essence of our being” or “Self”.

Obviously how you see the world during this process and the words you choose depend largely on your background and culture, but the stages a person goes through as consciousness folds back on itself, are common and beyond.

Arka Dhyana is not only involved in stimulating and redistributing the presence of prana or life-force throughout the physical body and activating the ‘physical stations or sites’, it is also about connecting with the ‘stations’ or ‘sites of a cosmic nature’ to which the physical sites correspond.

This method was developed by the philosopher and yogi Srinivas Arka. Many people in different parts of the world such as Australia, England, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico enjoy Arka Dhyana and its multiple benefits.  It is also a method which can be easily followed by children.


“ Meditation centered in the heart”

In heart centered meditation the mind becomes like an arrow seeking its soul mate - the sun, in the center of one’s chest, 

like a mother accepting all of Nature’s parts back into her ample breast.

like a baby seeking the soft, rounded full bosom of a mother filled with  grace,        

like a bee seeking the perfume of the most exquisite flower which only the angels can see,            

like a lover looking for the heart of the cosmic beloved beyond the vastness of  the night’s still sky.

All that is Arka Dhyana.