Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies


Brief History:

I was born and brought up in South Africa - a place that has affected me vastly. Certainly my love of Nature comes from there as does my desire to live a simple life in harmony with her. I studied Psychology at the University of Cape Town and my specific interest was different states of consciousness but at that time Psychology was not very interested in this topic and I also felt to really understand different states of consciousness, I had to experience them for myself, on the inside. This resulted in a quest which only gained clarity when I met the philosopher and yogi Srinivas Arka in 1997 and began practicing Arka Dhyana, the method of intuitive meditation he developed.

Today I want to give something back so I am doing PhD on the Arka Dhyana method of Intuitive meditation. In addition I teach this method in Spain and internationally as well as imparting the basic Arka Dhyana Philosophy Course.

I sincerely feel the way we can start creating a new way of living on this planet is by taking responsibility for our greater health and wholeness by transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies. I also feel this way of living must include science & technology but be tempered by the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of the ancestors. In addition I also feel that change will come about when more women become empowered - but not as beings who imitate men, but women who fully develop the female capacity centered in the heart and combine this with the intellect of the mind when and where necessary.  Men too possess this “female capacity” in their hearts and it is also necessary for them to develop this aspect so we can all contribute to the next phase in the evolution of  our species here on earth.

I have found that as one journeys into one's inner depths, our connection with nature and everything outside also increases. For this reason  I feel that to really serve others we need to  become more heart centered and “conscious” or “aware of” consciousness itself.  When we do so, it becomes natural and much easier to adopt a life style which is in harmony with the elements, with others and with all of Nature. It is also much easier to learn to love Life itself or “That” which is in everything and everybody. Slowly, in this way the non duel nature of Nature is revealed to us!