Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies


Guest Book

Thank you for showing me that one can travel inside oneself. That another world exists that is is as big as the outside world, although I suspect that there is no discontinuity between the two. A real gift.

Un beso

Rubén Vidal Lea


I hope this finds you well and I would like to express my thanks once again,  you helped me a lot and I believe that you will also help me a lot more!

Teresa Manero Cuesta,


I would like to thank you for all you did and to show us new horizons which I hope will open our hearts so we can be better persons.

For me it was a very positive experience, I was very stressed and at last I found peace. I now do the breathing and bring the mind to the feeling area and I hope I will advance little by little.  A big hug and thank you.

Maria del Carmen


The experience of knowing Tina was wonderful. On meeting her I felt I had known her all my life. I also was fortunate to have a therapy with her - my experience was to enter in my body and discover the marvelous life which is expressing itself inside - to feel the beat of my heart, how the blood flows bringing nutrition to every centimeter of my body and with every breath of air, an infinite expansion of feelings full of love, peace and tranquility. Her hands formed part of me, and I lost consciousness of the contact, only feeling sensation after sensation.. Thank you Tina for coming into my life, you are a special being, sweet and full of love. I enjoyed meeting you. With all my love.

Alicia Barcelo,


Experiences of Jennifer after an Arka Dhyana workshop

Your visit here has made such an impact on my life. My practice of Arka Dyhana continues with a commitment to stay in my heart, and open the many channels. The practice is helping. I know it has been said before, but opening the heart is like watching a rose open, petal by petal until you find the center. It takes time.

Jennifer Presley,

Cupertino, CA, USA

Experiences of María during an Arka Dhyana workshop

The relaxation was very agreeable and also very special and also surprising - I did not want to think or question anything - when something unexpected arose in my mind I let it come and I treated this process with a lot of calm and very naturally - truly in those moments I felt it was something very natural to do and the same time very ordinary. The best of this is that I am feeling very tranquil, relaxed and with a lot of peace.  I am very thankful that you came into my life and to be as you are bathed in love.

María Heredia Antón,

 Palo Alto, CA, USA

Reflections after a therapy with Tina

‘Emotionally, I have released my longstanding need for a part of me to seek my parents' approval and have realized that I am most happy when they do not know (or I do not need for them to know) what I am doing in/with my life.


My husband, as of this weekend, describes my face and demeanor as "glowing." I also find myself laughing freely and smiling from deep within for no apparent outward reason. All in all, my life has changed. I feel more free and happier than I can ever remember being. Thank you for so gently and kindly helping me to release so very much. I know that our time together allowed me to open to the energy of Matrix Energetics and receive the gifts awaiting me during that weekend experience. For this, and all the changes in my life, I am truly grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

 Esther Piszczek

Experience during a therapy session

“I had the most wonderful experience today as Tina led me deep inside myself. With her quiet guidance, I felt a release of tensions in various parts of my body … saw colors and shapes…and felt almost weightless and spacious. I let go of some recent sadness. I ended the session feeling lighter.”

   Elizabeth Kline,  

Cambridge, MA USA

I want to share that after each session with Tina that my body and mind felt so much more relaxed.  I have been suffering with a pinched nerve in the neck and after each session I have noticed a marked improvement in my condition.  Additionally, my wife states that since you have treated me she has noticed a marked decrease in my snoring. Tina has helped me gain a greater focus and understanding of my mind, spirit and body.  I know what Tina does may not be for everybody, but I think everyone should give it a try.  I think you can only gain from it.  Thank you

Alan Lim, August 2010

Alameda, California, USA

Experiences during Arka Dhyana

I have only practiced Arka Dhyana a little and I would like to share my impression about the last Arka Dhyana reunion in Madrid.

Tina started with some yoga exercises (I have not practiced in years) which were very gentle but also promoted flexibility.

Afterwards we listened to a CD from a conference of Arka, which fascinated me because it explained in a very simple way the dichotomy in which we live between the head and the heart. It affected me deeply which enabled me to completely feel my inner connection ... there are no material things no matter how sophisticated, which can make you feel like this!

Later another teacher guided the group through the sounds and the movements of Arka Dhyana and to finalize, we listened to a very lively yet happy CD sung by Srinivas Arka in Sanskrit.

I really liked the combination of the elements - it flowed from the physical body, to the mental and then to the emotional,  permitting an harmonious and entertaining integration. Thank you very much. 



Madrid, Spain

Sylvia Durán’s experience during a therapy session:

The experience lived during a therapy with Tina, was transforming. Thanks to the magnificent  way Tina guided during the session so that one can connect with one’s own healing, I was able to connect with my true self. I now feel in harmony with myself and I live each day like a new experience which allows me to be creative and express my own essence.

 Sylvia Durán,

Madrid, Spain  

Sylvia Durán’s experience during the Arka Dhyana meditation course:

The transmission of the meditation Arka Dhyana imparted by Tina is truly an enriching experience. I experimented in me great joy, great happiness and great inner peace. Thank you Tina for sharing theses teachings and giving us the possibility of discovering a new way of living.

 Sylvia Durán,

Madrid, Spain  

This last Saturday, the Arka Dhyana course was a real sharing experience for all present. It was very profound and intense even though the Arka Dhyana method itself is very simple.


I had the opportunity to lead the meditation in the afternoon, I am learning to show this method to others and I am very grateful for this opportunity, to expand something which for me is so marvelous and practical.


To me, Arka Dhyana is like a coming home, to the home in the body, the home in the Earth and the home in the Universe. A return to my Self, my roots, a contact with myself, calm, tranquil and profoundly healing.

Thank you very much to all who were present, to Rosa for sharing this learning experience with me, to Tina for being so patient and loving in teaching us and of course to Arka for having shared this method with us.

Thank you! My desire is that more people come to know this method.

Eva Garcia,

Madrid, Spain

I found it astonishingly easy to connect with my body and my energy centers. I was able to sense each of the points we touched and what especially drew my attention when I touched my thighs applying awareness to both sides, was the fact that they each went in their own direction and each had a different feeling of touch.  The key moment was when I joined my hands as though  pointing towards infinity just in front of the (energetic) heart and I burst into tears of joy and recognition. After the 'activation of the points' I felt a strong tension in my throat. During the meditation I felt peace.

(This was her first contact with the Arka Dhyana method) 

Blanca Jimenez,

Madrid, Spain

An enriching experience, both the practice and the resulting creativity. I was enchanted with the energy of the group and I enjoyed the course from start to finish. Thank you.

Roxana Basso,

Madrid , Spain

It would be good if they showed us all this from childhood.

 Juana Marta Lencina,

Elche , Spain