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Arka Dhyana (Intuitive Meditation Method - IM)

Arka Dhyana a very ‘subtle and effective method' where, using one’s own touch, breath and sound, one raises one’s ‘spiritual consciousness' or the ‘whole life-force of self-awareness’ to become fully manifested in the physical body. As this happens, different energy centers in the body become active whirl pools of energy each with its own wisdom and connection with nature and the universe and, as this occurs, the perception of one's world changes  read more...

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Science and Spirituality

Science is not entirely so different from spirituality in that both want to know the nature of life. However it is how they approach it that is different and when they discover and understand this, they can work together to establish a more complete understanding.  read more...

States of Consciousness

The  manifestation of  consciousness as a life force in a new born baby, is mainly in the  centre of the upper body or 'heart'. They a pure 'feeling beings'. That is why they are so attractive and magnetic. Consciousness then begins to spread out - we know that a new born does not see - it takes a little time before consciousness moves to the eyes. It is like a wave of light moving against gravity. read more...

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I was born and brought up in South Africa - a place that has affected me vastly. Certainly my love of Nature comes from there as does my desire to live a simple life in harmony with her. I studied Psychology at the University of Cape Town and my specific interest was different states of consciousness but at that time Psychology was not very interested in this topic and I also felt to really understand different states of consciousness, I had to experience them for myself, on the inside. read more...


I invite you to reflect and connect with the inner guiding force which is in all of us. When we do this, we can all bring out our unique inner wisdom, talents and skills which is vital not only to our own personal growth, but to everybody and everything. read more...


“If the essence of the ocean is Divine, how can the waves be any different!”