Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies

I invite you to reflect and connect with the inner guiding force which is in all of us. When we do this, we can all bring out our unique inner wisdom, talents and skills which is vital not only to our own personal growth, but to everybody and everything.

In these pages, I have outlined the heart centered meditation method (Arka Dhyana) which I use to connect with my inner intuitive voice and also to investigate the nature of consciousness. In my personal journey, I also encountered cranial sacral therapy which has helped me understand more about the expression of life force in the body -  both my own and others who come to me for guidance or help.

My search to understand the nature of consciousness began as a scientist and I have presented here the differences as I see it between the method used by scientists and that used by yogi's to investigate the 'nature of nature'. For me they are not 'alternate' but complementary and as more scientists and other people begin investigating their inner universe, I am sure many new areas of investigation in many different fields will open, helping us to find creative solutions for the multiple problems facing modern day man.

My sincere gratitude goes to all the people who have and continue to help me on my journey, particularly my father and mother who gave me life. My heart felt  gratitude also goes to all my teachers particularly  to Srinivas Arka, who developed the method Arka Dhyana that is enabling me to experience and understand life in so many new ways and also for his inspiration and encouragement to think, feel and see things in their true perspective, through science, logic and intuitive experience. I invite you to do the same.


“Look for the source -

               no matter what you call it.”