Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies


Past Events:

Scientific Conferences:

Tina has attended and presented talks in various Scientific conferences from the point of view of  

     Consciousness Studies:

37 CICA - Zielona Góra (Poland)  “Emotions including Anger, bodily sensations and inner experiencing: the

     importance of consciousness, awareness,  feeling and intuition”. 22-25  June,  2014.

36 CICA - Hevis,  (Hungary). “Transforming the world through transforming ourselves: Experiencing peace   

     as the first step”.23-26  June,  2013.

35 CICA - Burgas, (Black Sea, Bulgaria). “The Victim, the Tyrant and Fear.  A transpersonal approach”.

     8-11 September 2012.

32 CICA - University of California, Irvine (USA). ‘Strategies for violence prevention  from a therapeutic point

     of view’. 7-9th September 2011.

30 CICA - Léanyfalu (Hungary) ‘Dealing with conflict through developing deeper understanding, empathy   

    and consideration to other human beings’. 26 - 29th August 2010.

28 CICA - Bodrum (Turkey)  ‘Conflict cannot be resolved on the level it was created’. 24 -27th September


26 CICA - Zakopane (Poland) ‘The mutilation of “womeness” and the right to be human’. 15 -18th July 2008.

19 CICA - Rhodos (Greece) 14 - 17 “If we don’t know who we are, how do we know what a terrorist is”.

     September 2004.

Guest Speaker:

Tina has been a guest speaker on various occasions including:

5 March 2013. ‘Caminos de Meditacion y Vida’,  Espacío Ronda Madrid, Spain enter

10, 11 & 12 May, 2012. ‘Women, leadership and peace from a transpersonal point of view.’

     1st Latin American Conference on the Participation of Women in Leadership and Learning. Fundación   

     Humanizado, Barrancabermeja,  Colombia. enter

14th February 2011. “Benefits of Arka Dhyana”. Zöcalo de Toluca, Mexico

12 & 13 February 2011 “Introduction to Arka Dhyana with Demonstration”. Zöcalo de Toluca, Mexico

29 May, 2011. ‘Inter religious meditation using the Arka Dhyana method’. Monasterio el Sagrado Corazón,

     Escorial, Spain - Women's Federation for World Peace  - Europe

11th July 2010 ‘Introduction to Arka Dhyana’. The Dragonfly Ranch, Big Island, Hawaii.

25th July  2010 ‘Introduction to Arka Dhyana with demonstration’. St. Mary's Orthodox Church, 8 Inman St., 

     Cambridge, MA.

13th May 2010. ‘Why should we meditate?  Ecocentro, Madrid, Spain. 

Radio Interviews:

12 May, 2012. Radio Interview: ‘Women, leadership and peace from a transpersonal point of view.’ Barrancabermeja,

     Colombia. enter

August 2007 Radio Interview with Canal Ser – topic: Cranial sacral Therapy


Tina has imparted countless Arka Dhyana courses in several countries: Spain, France, USA, Germany and

      Mexico. She also imparts the Basic Arka Dhyana Philosophy course.


Tina has organized and led retreats on many occasions