Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies


Philosophy Course (Basic)

This course follows the different levels of Consciousness as described by Srinivas Arka in his book “Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation. An enlightening journey into your inner realms initiated by your breath, sound and touch”.  It requires that the practitioner be familiar with his method of meditation Arka Dhyana. During the course, the student will become aware of the different terms used by Arka and be invited to discover their meaning based on their own inner experiences. Each session will include the practice of Arka Dhyana and also an exploration into the theme under discussion with the help of a Power Point presentation. This requires that the student prepares for the class by reading the material prior to it so he or she can participate actively.

This course takes place each month and as there are 12 topics, it lasts for one year. On completion there are two examinations, one for those who only want to test their knowledge obtained during the course, and the other for students who would like to become teachers of Arka Dhyana. The latter will also have to complete several other requirements.