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Science and Spirituality

Science is not entirely so different from spirituality in that both want to know the nature of life. However it is how they approach it that is different and when they discover and understand this, they can work together to establish a more complete understanding.

Tina likes to use the example of a strawberry. You can weigh it, measure it, find the chemical composition, dissect it and describe it – study in relation to other fruits, conduct experiments to find out its nutritional and medicinal value and thus gain the knowledge of its uniqueness. That is mainly what scientists do.

Yogis have always been interested in the 'nature of life'. However they decided to explore it from the inside, rather like the example given above. However instead of exploring the 'nature of strawberry' they decided to investigate and inquire into the nature of nature itself and what better way than contemplating the 'Self' or 'Soul'. So often with eyes closed, they turned their gaze inwards and noted what happened.

To anybody who has tried to do this, one will be aware that this is no easy task. To start with one might notice how one’s thoughts seem to be really very prevalent or one might be continually distracted by pains or discomforts in the body. So to help in this task, the yogis developed methods which lead to 'meditation'.
The methods are in themselves not meditation - but they certainly help give rise to different inner experiences and states.

The method Tina uses is called Arka Dhyana (a finer form of Intuitive Meditation) and it was developed by Srinivas Arka through years of patient inner exploration and through sharing it with others. It involves touch, breath and a resonating sound. The body is the hermitage of 'life'. We were babies and now we are big - and we did not do that with our minds. You might say it is just DNA but a dead body also has DNA - so there is certainly something more in us to just DNA. We can call it 'life-force'  or spirit consciousness and we share it with all other animate entities. So when we meditate on the body and then allow ourselves to go deeper, we are meditating on 'that' and it is through the nature of 'that' by which we slowly become conscious of our deeper consciousness or ‘conscious spirit’ that also extends beyond the body.  


“Mere knowledge will not bring total realization of the self.

 Deeper insightful experiences should accompany it.”

  Srinivas Arka