Transforming ourselves through heart based inner experiencing and consciousness studies


Transpersonal Psychology & Therapy

Arka Dhyana therapy is a deeply relaxing therapy where, just like in the Arka Dhyana Meditation method, the heart is encouraged to take over again. This can help on many levels bringing healing benefits to the mental, emotional and physical layers.

As a therapist, tina also combines the insights she has obtained through Arka Dhyana with her knowledge of psychology, cranial sacral therapy, ‘focusing’ and her work with trauma. To her, therapy is a part of the inner adventure in discovering the Self and in this endeavor, she is there as a support to her clients as they go through the different stages.  This allows the person to uncover and integrate blockages of a physical, mental and/or emotional nature in a very different and creative way.  Arka Dhyana therapy is about being present in the heart and when a therapist listens from the heart and is aware of the different states that consciousness passes through as it
rewinds, healing often takes place by itself.  Tina also uses the mystical sound ‘saroogovaum’ during and as part of her therapy sessions.

One of Tina's special interests is trauma and feels it is traumatic experiences which have often driven ‘spirit consciousness’ or ‘life force’ partially out of the body. To her, this has a beneficial evolutional aspect which all animals share in that, in time of extreme danger or perceived danger, the ‘being ‘does not actually feel the suffering such as being eaten by a lion or being abandoned by a parent. However after such experiences in present day man, spirit consciousness has, for a variety of reasons including our ignorance of these states and how to treat them, often not fully returned. Unfortunately, an individual who is 'partially out of the body' has lost the capacity to really feel.  Tina has the intuition that it is people who have lost their feeling capacity who hurt others and who, under certain conditions, may even commit violent and aggressive acts. A mixture of Arka Dhyana and Cranial Sacral therapy as practiced by Tina, becomes a gentle way of inviting life force to re-enter the body again. In this work she has been influenced by her Arka Dhyana meditational practice and the work of Peter Levine.  To this work she also adds her knowledge of focusing.

She also has designed and  gives a course 'Know the self through the Yogic Touch".

Tina has a MA in Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University California) and also gives couching of a spiritual nature, respecting the belief systems of everyone. .